There are a growing number of companies – large and small – focused on creating technologies that work to better manage our water across many uses and industries.  The 98th Meridian Foundation is focused on supporting nexus solutions in Texas.  For that reason, we would like to see more technology innovation occur IN Texas – supporting our communities and economy.

With a focus on the nexus of water, energy and land, the Foundation is watching technology developments for produced water, in particular.  We believe produced water can be an asset, rather than a liability. The oil & gas industry is seeking and deploying water technologies that improve their in-field efficiencies; the applications also benefit other segments of the economy, including agriculture.

No one has all of the answers.  But there is growing interest and investment in maintaining the vital water & land resources across this great State.  We are very glad about that.

Among the many efforts and opportunities working to stimulate discussion and development of water technologies in Texas is the upcoming, INVEST H2O.  This annual event offers a forum for emerging technologies.  It’s just one example of the great work underway in Texas in support of the water-energy-land nexus.