Here at the Foundation, we tout the NEXUS of, water-energy-land.  Additionally, focus in each area is important to gaining a more complete understanding of each component of the nexus.  PRODUCED WATER is one example, and it continues to gain attention largely due to important, positive technology and process developments.

Just last month, the Produced Water Society held one of its annual events in the Permian Basin, Midland, Texas.  The event noted that the industry was at a point of evolution in water management for the unconventional oil and gas sector – a positive, decisive point.  The Society stated, “The imperative to reduce costs while increasing production is accelerating the pace of innovation, creating new opportunities for suppliers and producers alike.”

We like innovation!

The 98th Meridian Foundation supports the mission of the Produced Water Society; that of, “(improving) the management and disposition of produced water….”  We challenge the Society and those throughout the oil & gas industry to review ALL innovation…holistically.

Think: NEXUS.