$100 million.  That’s the amount 17 companies have committed to supporting communities across the Permian Basin for the BASICS needed to maintain and strengthen the oil and natural gas region. 

A letter published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, states that these multi-billion dollar companies are usually competitors, but “a once-in-a-generation opportunity has brought us together for a common purpose — to strengthen the communities where we live and work.”

Among the items noted for funding are infrastructure and quality of life, including:  “…safer roads, superior schools, quality health care, affordable housing and a trained work force.”

The Permian Strategic Partnership, as the group is named, acknowledges in numerous reports that there are increasing challenges and ‘stresses’ in the region on the – primarily – small communities. 

The Partnership effort highlights an underlying key to the NEXUS supported by The 98th Meridian Foundation.  The 98th Meridian Foundation has pushed for recognition and support of the WATER-LAND-ENERGY NEXUS; of course, this nexus must be built upon, and with strong communities.  The newly created Permian Strategic Partnership seeks to work on enhancing and strengthening the region’s communities.

We applaud the outlined mission of this new Partnership.

As the Partnership launches this new initiative, we encourage the creation of a comprehensive approach to, ‘community’ – taking into account basic – NATURAL – resources alongside built resources.