The 98th Meridian Foundation seeks to fortify the NEXUS of, water-energy-land.  As demand increases for Texas resources, additional attention should be given to creating a BALANCE of these three critical components.

Produced water refers to the ancient seawater that is naturally occurring deep underground and is recovered during oil and natural gas production.  The underground formation can be a valuable resource to the oil & gas industry and the people and businesses that benefit from its extraction.  But it should be noted:  Produced water is a natural, ‘living infrastructure’, critical to maintenance and sustainability of the land. 

Properly managed and deployed, produced water can have multiple benefits to the land and its inhabitants.

Otherwise considered a ‘waste stream’, REUSE of the industry-produced water can provide reduced use of potable water in drought-prone areas; and the treated water can be used in other industries, like agriculture, which utilizes over 70% of all water globally.

The 98th Meridian Foundation seeks solutions that leverage AND create a NEXUS.