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Corpus Christi: The Case for Desal


Dear Friends, Experts have predicted that 50% of major cities will be considering desalination to supplement their water supply in the coming decade. The City of Corpus Christi seems to be well on its way to join its fellow Texas cities El Paso and San Antonio that have already developed desalination plants to support their cities especially during times of drought. Corpus Christi officials have conducted a feasibility study showing the importance that desalination technology can play in the security of the city’s future water supplies. In 2014, the government requested to secure a drought-proof water supply to meet future needs [...]

Corpus Christi: The Case for Desal2019-10-04T17:10:42-05:00

Recommendations for Conserving Texas Water Usage


Dear Friends, As a part of my activities with the 98th Meridian Foundation I recently attended a couple of events. The first event was the West Texas Legislative Summit in San Angelo. This year the summit was focused on Federal issues relating to energy, transportation and agriculture. With a slight rearranging of categories – combining energy and transportation into one category and dividing agriculture into the separate components of land and water – we come back to the three legs of the stool the 98th Meridian Foundation refers to as making up the backbone of the Texas Economy: water, land and [...]

Recommendations for Conserving Texas Water Usage2019-10-04T17:03:46-05:00

Summer update from 98th Meridian Foundation


Dear Friends, I hope your summer is off to a great start! At 98th Meridian Foundation, we have been busy as always, kicking off the summer with a great roundtable discussion hosted in partnership with Cressman Tubular in Midland on May 29th. Thank you to those of you who made it to the event at the Midland Petroleum Club. I hope you all enjoyed the discussion as much as I did. I received great feedback on the 98th Meridian Foundation’s white paper, Texas Disposal and Injection Well Regulations, included below. I hope to continue these conversations with you all individually, and [...]

Summer update from 98th Meridian Foundation2019-10-04T17:06:26-05:00

98th Meridian Foundation comments on EPA Draft Study


The 98th Meridian Foundation – a non-profit dedicated to education and research on issues relating to the nexus of energy, water and land – would like to thank the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for issuing the draft study on produced water from oil and gas extraction, titled “Study of Oil and Gas Extraction Wastewater Management Under the Clean Water Act” [EPA‐821‐R19‐001]. We are delighted for the opportunity to comment on this study. We agree that the subject of produced water management is of critical importance; so important, in fact, that in March of this year, the 98th Meridian Foundation also [...]

98th Meridian Foundation comments on EPA Draft Study2019-06-28T15:52:14-05:00

Legislative update on produced water regulation


Dear Friends, It’s been an exciting few weeks since 98th Meridian Foundation issued our first white paper, Texas Disposal and Injection Well Regulations. Thank you all for the positive feedback and support. Next, we’ll be looking at hosting workshops and seminars to publicly discuss the ideas and recommendations contained in the paper, as well as examining what other organizations and entities are working toward in regards to managing produced water. While we’re eager to continue this conversation, in the meantime we wanted to bring to your attention how discussions on this topic are playing out in the Texas Legislature. Numerous bills [...]

Legislative update on produced water regulation2019-10-04T17:05:34-05:00

98th Meridian Foundation releases paper on Texas Disposal and Injection Well Regulation


Dear Friends, As most of you know, I had the incredible honor of serving as your Texas Railroad Commissioner from 2011 through 2017. After leaving office, I had a strong desire to continue the vital work performed at the Commission and maintain involvement in the important issues that impact our state. I founded 98th Meridian Foundation, a nonprofit organization, which aims to study, educate and initiate high-level dialogue around issues in order to bring forth reasonable solutions. These issues all seemed to fall within three general areas: water, land and energy. They are of great importance to all Texans, our economy [...]

98th Meridian Foundation releases paper on Texas Disposal and Injection Well Regulation2019-10-04T17:04:39-05:00

Permian Basics


$100 million.  That’s the amount 17 companies have committed to supporting communities across the Permian Basin for the BASICS needed to maintain and strengthen the oil and natural gas region. A letter published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, states that these multi-billion dollar companies are usually competitors, but “a once-in-a-generation opportunity has brought us together for a common purpose — to strengthen the communities where we live and work.”Among the items noted for funding are infrastructure and quality of life, including:  “…safer roads, superior schools, quality health care, affordable housing and a trained work force.”The Permian Strategic Partnership, as the group is named, [...]

Permian Basics2018-12-04T11:15:47-05:00

Don’t waste it !


The 98th Meridian Foundation seeks to fortify the NEXUS of, water-energy-land.  As demand increases for Texas resources, additional attention should be given to creating a BALANCE of these three critical components. Produced water refers to the ancient seawater that is naturally occurring deep underground and is recovered during oil and natural gas production.  The underground formation can be a valuable resource to the oil & gas industry and the people and businesses that benefit from its extraction.  But it should be noted:  Produced water is a natural, ‘living infrastructure’, critical to maintenance and sustainability of the land.  Properly managed and deployed, [...]

Don’t waste it !2018-10-24T15:02:28-05:00

Producing innovation !


Here at the Foundation, we tout the NEXUS of, water-energy-land.  Additionally, focus in each area is important to gaining a more complete understanding of each component of the nexus.  PRODUCED WATER is one example, and it continues to gain attention largely due to important, positive technology and process developments. Just last month, the Produced Water Society held one of its annual events in the Permian Basin, Midland, Texas.  The event noted that the industry was at a point of evolution in water management for the unconventional oil and gas sector – a positive, decisive point.  The Society stated, “The imperative to [...]

Producing innovation !2018-09-24T16:24:10-05:00

Technology flows….


There are a growing number of companies – large and small – focused on creating technologies that work to better manage our water across many uses and industries.  The 98th Meridian Foundation is focused on supporting nexus solutions in Texas.  For that reason, we would like to see more technology innovation occur IN Texas – supporting our communities and economy. With a focus on the nexus of water, energy and land, the Foundation is watching technology developments for produced water, in particular.  We believe produced water can be an asset, rather than a liability. The oil & gas industry is seeking [...]

Technology flows….2018-09-04T16:59:40-05:00