WATER.  A precious, necessary element - for the planet, and for the humans that inhabit it.  The demands upon water have grown with the land's development; development driven by human demands.

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ENERGY.  Energy is the most important element in any economy.  While it is important to have diverse and competing energy sources - reality is that hydrocarbons will remain our dominate energy source for the foreseeable future.  Oil and gas  have been the foundation of Texas economic success.

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LAND.  It is what was sought when first coming to this hemisphere.  The move West was in search of more land still; the pioneering spirit raised to meet new challenges.  The land challenged to continue to protect and heal.

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Keeping Texas Great

When we think about a meridian, we typically think of an imaginary, suspended line on a map.

The 98th Meridian is different.

Texas historian, Walter Prescott Webb in his much-heralded book, The Great Plains published in 1931, noted how the 98th Meridian was ‘different’.  Running through the heart of Texas, the 98th Meridian is not imaginary at all; in fact, the 98th Meridian in Texas differentiates East from West in very visual and meaningful ways.  Rain-gathering from Semi-Arid.  Treed landscape from flat and seemingly lifeless Plains.

The 98th Meridian Foundation is crossing that line.  Our efforts challenge the private and public sectors to come together; to imagine and create solutions that embrace the nexus of water, energy and land - preserving and improving what makes Texas, great.


The Nexus: Water - Energy - Land

"We must attack problems and find freedom affirming solutions that will maintain water, energy and land as the backbone strengths of Texas existence.  As we examine the Texas landscape, the most immediate threat I see of losing the true Texas Lifestyle is in the viability of small town and rural Texas.  If we are to continue with a high quality of life and a strong economy in Texas (especially in light of our large population growth) the nexus of water, energy and land will remain vital issues to all Texans."   - The Hon. David J. Porter